wolvinny (wolvinny) wrote,

Pandaren Costume

Hello there! :)

I'm starting a new project to make a costume. I've done this some years in a row now for a event called the Elf Fantasy Fair. It's held twice a year in the Netherlands. Once near Utrecht and once near Arcen.
Since i'm new to the furry community, i'm exploring myself. I think one good way is to make new friends (much through Dutchpaw) and also make a new costume again like I allways do, but now bigger then ever!

In november 2012 there will be a new WoW expansion with a new race, the Pandaren! The females look so adorable :) That that will be my new project. To explore my inner furry AND my tradition of making costumes for the EFF.
I want this costume complete around April 2013.

Tags: costume suit pandaren wow dutchpaw fursu
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